As of May 14, 2018, Ashley Hawley Freelancing will no longer be accepting any new clients for the foreseeable future. Questions and/or concerns can be directed to ashawley0194@gmail.com, (440) 665-5713, or the "Contact Me" page of this site. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Welcome to Ashley Hawley Freelancing

Who Am I?

As you may have already guessed, I’m Ashley Hawley. I am a freelance writer and editor based in North Royalton, Ohio. Some of my current freelance work includes editorial assisting for Dear English Major and writing for Home Scribe Creative. I am also a full-time Grants Coordinator for Providence House in Cleveland, Ohio.

 (To learn more about my professional skills and experience, please take a look at my full resume.)

What Do I Do?

I offer services to clients ranging from content writing to editing and proofreading (for more on this, please check out my “Services” page). Utilizing my own personally-crafted set of rules (which I refer to as the “Three P’s of Freelancing,”) I do everything in my power to ensure that Ashley Hawley Freelancing remains a service that keeps clients coming back again and again.

What are the “Three P’s of Freelancing?”

Professional Service: All assignments are completed on time, all reasonable qualifications and restrictions are adhered to, and clients are left with results that they can be proud of.

With a Personal Touch: I strive to develop and maintain relationships with clients based on open communication, trust, and transparency. My clients always know the person behind their projects and are treated as human beings, not dollar signs.

That Puts Your Story First: Every client has a story to tell and I am dedicated to remaining as true to those stories as possible. No matter what, I make sure my clients’ voices (and only their voices) are heard.

If you’re interested in learning more about me and the services I can offer you today, click on the links above and/or contact me today.